Jan. 9th, 2013

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Gen_Battle - The Rules

1) Be excellent to each other & party on dudes. (In other words, no flaming. Note the importance of this being the FIRST rule)

2) No anonymous posting. You must be a member to post. Membership is open to ALL, except people who violate Rule One. You can use a DW account or create an OpenID.

3) No anonymous commenting. You may comment with a DW account or with an OpenID.


o Prompts should not focus on romance. (Background romance is fine for fills, but please do not request specific pairings.)

o Prompts posted like Fandom: Name & Name
Crossovers: Fandom/Fandom: Name & Name

o Please use canonical fandom names (ex. Stargate Atlantis, not SGA, Supernatural/Doctor Who, not SuperWho) and full names for characters when possible. This will assure everyone understands your prompt.

Bad Prompt: SPN/SGA: John/Sam
Good Prompt: Supernatural/Stargate Atlantis: Sam Winchester & John Sheppard

o If you wish you may specify a version or media type for your fandom (movie, TV, comic, reboot, year version, etc.).

o You can optionally add idea words or phrases, such as:
Fandom: Name & Name, aardvark, dogcatcher, the dingo ate my baby

o No limit on number of prompts you can make. You may put multiple prompts in one comment, and make as many comments as you wish.

o Do not edit your prompt comment, comment on it if you made a mistake.

o Improperly formatted prompts may be deleted or ignored at the discretion of the moderators.

o Prompts with spoilers or prompts you wish to submit anonymously should be sent to the mods (dw.gen.battle@gmail).

o Prompts will be sorted and posted before the Posting Time starts.

Posting Rules
o Works of any type welcome, including fiction, videos, artwork, icons, or whatever your imagination can create.

o No claims. You can create from any prompt, including your own. Multiple works may be created from the same prompt.

o A fandom that does not specify version or media type (movie, TV, reboot, year version, etc.) may be considered to be listed as "all media types/all versions" and you may choose any one you wish for your fill.

o “Any” refers to any character(s) for the fandom, creators choice. [any] refers to any prompt, creator gets to choose what to create about.

o Works should not focus on romance. (Background romance is fine.)

o Max of PG-13 rating (AO3: “Teen and Up”)

o Post your work in its own post, one work per post, except that multiple icons can be in a single post. Do not post works as comments to prompts.

o If a work is larger than 500 words (text) or 500 k (images), it should be behind a cut.

o If a work is too large for a single post, put at least the first paragraph (or so), a description, or thumbnail, then place a link to the whole work. You may put it anywhere that's unlocked (your website/journal, AO3, Youtube, etc.).

o Posts containing spoilers for canon that has been released within the past 6 months should mention there is a spoiler and be behind a cut.

o An AO3 collection is available. Posting there is optional but encouraged.

Questions? Go here or email dw.gen.battle at gmail dot com

Special Note: Much of the rules has been adapted from other ficathons, especially the Battles run by [profile] oxoniesis. Without her we would not have learned so much.
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Have questions about the rules? Or something else? Ask them here!
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Schedule for the First Gen Battle:

Prompt gathering: Feb 15 to Feb 20 2013.

Posts of works: Feb 23 to March 3 2013
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