Feb. 15th, 2013

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Leave prompts as comments on this post. You can leave prompts until roughly 11:59 (EST) February 20

After that the prompts will be gathered and sorted and posted in one single place for easier searching.

Prompt Rules:

o Prompts should not focus on romance. (Background romance is fine for fills, but please do not request specific pairings.)

o Prompts posted like Fandom: Name & Name
Crossovers: Fandom/Fandom: Name & Name

o Please use canonical fandom names (ex. Stargate Atlantis, not SGA, Supernatural/Doctor Who, not SuperWho) and full names for characters when possible. This will assure everyone understands your prompt.

Bad Prompt: SPN/SGA: John/Sam
Good Prompt: Supernatural/Stargate Atlantis: Sam Winchester & John Sheppard

o You can optionally add idea words or phrases, such as:
Fandom: Name & Name, aardvark, dogcatcher, the dingo ate my baby

o No limit on number of prompts you can make. You may put multiple prompts in one comment, and make as many comments as you wish.

o Do not edit your prompt comment, comment on it if you made a mistake.

o Improperly formatted prompts may be deleted or ignored at the discretion of the moderators.

o Anonymous commenting is disabled. If you would like to submit prompts anonymously, send them to dw.gen.battle@gmail.com.

o Prompts with spoilers - If you believe your prompt may be spoilery, they must be emailed (to dw.gen.battle@gmail.com). Please state what they are spoiling for and it will be included in the master list.

o Only leave prompts on this post.

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