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Title: World's Finest
Fandom: Megaman
Wordcount: 255
Rating: G
Notes: I used the Japanese names because I vastly prefer them, and also because they're what's in the prompt.

"What the crap?"

Forte stared as the huge he-knew-not-what darkened the sky, one hand resting on Gospel's mane.

At the sound of a foot scuffing on cement behind him, he turned -- but it was just the Old Man. Not a threat.

"Figured you'd be dead by now," Forte observed. Blues just shrugged, setting the lower point of his shield against the rooftop. His scarf was more ragged than ever, Forte noted, before turning back to his perplexed skygazing.

The dark shape stretched from the horizon to nearly above him, now.

"That something of Wily's?" Blues asked, and Forte snorted.

"Not that I know of."

They watched in silence as clouds fled. Definitely overhead, now. Gospel growled softly.

"You don't suppose..." Blues began. Forte glanced at him, but he was looking upwards still. "...You don't suppose the power source Wily put in me, and the weird tech he incorporated in you..."

Forte thought for a moment, and cocked his head.

"You think the ones he stole that stuff from came to get it back?" He bared his teeth. "I'd like to see them try."

Blues pointed. "Looks like they're trying."

Something -- figures, maybe -- was descending from the dark thing in the sky. Forte and Gospel combined smoothly, and Blues turtled behind his shield just in time to duck shrapnel from an energy blast aimed at their shared rooftop.

Forte whooped a battle cry as he launched himself skyward to meet these challengers, whoever they were, iridescent bolts of cover fire blazing past him.
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