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Title: The Changing of the Guard
Fandom: Shadowrun
Wordcount: 472
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Reference to death.
Summary: Captain Chaos has his routine interrupted by a sudden upgrade in his Matrix reputation, and like all good things it comes at a price.

Naturally, Captain Chaos received the notification smack in the middle of a particularly delicate bit of codeslicing, which meant he’d ignored the briefly whirling fractal that orbited him once and gone straight back to the tediously important business of cracking a particularly stubborn data bomb (a shimmering balloon filled with electric rabbits, this time; how annoyingly cute). Not even a notif from Shadowland’s own main wrangler was going to distract the good Captain and tarnish his rep thereby, oh no.

Just as naturally, this decision guaranteed that he’d be the recipient of bad news.

With the run in the bag and now back in his own home hunting grounds -– the distributed nodes in sleek oil-slicked neon he’d contributed to Shadowland in the name of furthering the Neo-A cause -– Captain Chaos accessed the mail notif, the paisley-like icon performing a single orbit around the fractally-flickering swashbuckler that was his persona … and swore til the code buckled around him.

>>to: Captain Chaos
>>from: StephanSysOp
>> Well, Cap, if you’re reading this I’ll bet you can guess what’s coming --

’Yeah, Stephan, you fragging bastard. You’ve gone and gotten yourself iced. I know a dead man’s dropbox when I see one – damnit, damnit --!’

He’d have to tell FastJack, yesterday. Shadowland was going to be a fragging madhouse as soon as the news leaked (and it always did) with every two-nuyen baby decker deciding that this was the perfect time to make their mark on the ‘Land -– and that was before factoring in the Nexus and its ornery, arrogant admins. What joy!

Ghosting into a hidden subnode, shimmering black conduits of data puling around him, the Captain fired up a mailer subroutine and started dictating to the hovering white quill-silhouette even as he continued to read Stephan’s last message. The sooner he caught Jack’s attention the faster the pair of them could brace for impact -–

>>-- naturally I’m not so dumpshocked yet that I didn’t see this coming some time or another.
>>I also didn’t leave Shadowland ready to get eaten alive by snot-nosed kids or Bash and his cronies (do you really think I’d be that drekheaded, Cap? I hope not, omae).
>>Here’s where you come in.
>>Have fun, SysAdmin. Just follow the yellow code road laid out in the attached packet (got your stego prog handy?) and welcome to your new life riding herd over our merry land of anarchy.
>>Or give it all to Jack. Whatever.
>>Stay frosty, Cap. See you on the other side.

’… That bastard. The unbelievable, snaky, incredible bastard.’

Decrypting the packet took no more than moments; following its instructions, even less so. And then -– and only then -– Shadowland’s newly-minted SysAdmin got that mail finally fired off to FastJack.

The Nexus was going to have a coronary.

He was looking forward to it.

Date: 2013-03-02 07:34 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] thousanth
That's a fantastic little piece! Really enjoyed it.

Date: 2013-03-03 10:07 am (UTC)
eliyes: Chibi Marine General Hippocampus Baian (and a hippocampus) (Baian >:D)
From: [personal profile] eliyes
How the Captain became ruler of the Shadowland! XD Well, it is a chaotic place. ;3 Good job. :D
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