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Title: Reflections
Fandom: Yoroiden Samurai Troopers
Wordcount: 529
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Mention of combat, "death" of nonliving opponent. Contains eccentric author armour-name translations.
Summary: Shin tries to work out a resolution for himself after Arago's been dealt with the second time around.

It would have been easy enough to say it was all over. Not so easy to walk away, perhaps, not with the Water-Margin still as attached to his own self as it had been to his family, and all the more so; but he could have tried, if he really, really wanted it.

The question was: did he want it?

Staring silent across the water, sand clutching at his feet as the moon left a trail of stolen silver like a broken spear across the face of the sea, Shin asked himself sharply, harshly, if he really did.

It was tempting. What he’d experienced with the others in Shinjuku was terrifying enough, hunted like animals by a creature hellbent -– oh, delicious irony! -– on devouring the living breath of every last human soul in the district. Oh, they’d beaten the back again, right enough

Using darkness to fight darkness – is that what we really did?
Or are they, are we, more than that, like we tell ourselves

-- and Arago just came back again, his followers with him, and in that second conflict it had all become just that much more personal.

If he closed his eyes, if he tried to dream, Shin still saw the hulking cinnabar horror that had been his counterpart, his opposite number in all ways, that foul creation, the Venom General’s get -– cinnabar venom pitted against cerulean waves, and for a long, long moment -–
an eternity of moments –-
he’d thought, then, the thing was a true reflection of himself, of the great armour that encased him, of what they could all become, were meant to be. ‘Find your power’, the dreams had said …

And I found a monster. A monster that looked like me.

So what does it say when it looked like a hollow shell, like my armour, and my first thought is that it looked like me?

And yet, and yet …

Shin closed his eyes, and breathed in deep.
The air held the scent of the sea, of a promise of rain, and no trace of burning poison.

Though captured in the end, he’d destroyed the blood-blight mockery. He’d found that power, found that core; not in sea-blue shell nor watery abyss, but deep within himself.

That horror had been a ruse. A funhouse mirror, meant to break him.

Better -– a lesson.

Letting the breath go, he opened his eyes and stared at the moon’s silver trail. Enlightenment in the water’s depths, in the patience of the moon’s shining lance waiting on the surface and piercing the dark; Shin felt the confusion fall away as resolution took its place.

He did find his own power. Not the armour’s; not Kaos’ gift nor Arago’s taint. His, and his alone. And if there were a danger after all lurking in the Water-Margin’s shining carapace, he’d face it -– and not alone.

If we walked away, if he said it was over, he’d lose it all; and lose his friends in the process. But together -–

Three arrows together will not break as one arrow will break. Five arrows would be stronger still. Let the terrors come; they would endure them all.

He would have faith.

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